Motor vehicles, except motorcycles, with a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

Category F (special category)

minimum age
16 years: work motor vehicles and tractors with a maximum speed of 45 km/h as well as motor carts and agricultural vehicles 18 years: the other vehicles in special category F
Required category
Emergency Response Course
not mandatory
eye test
must not be older than 24 months for each application for a learner driving license and must be completed by a Swiss optician/doctor.
Traffic medical examination
not mandatory Exception:
  • First-time study of over 65-year-old or physically disabled applicants for a learner's permit
  • if there are any doubts about your fitness to drive
are only admitted to traffic on the basis of an aptitude report from a neurologist or a doctor specializing in epilepsy.
theory test
simplified theory test G / F, except holders of the special category G
Practical exam
traffic knowledge
not mandatory
Validity of the learner's permit
12 months
learning trips
  • Learner's license required
  • no accompanying person required
  • Accompanying person only allowed as holder of the corresponding category
Additional permissions after acquiring the category
G M In domestic traffic, the F driving license entitles you to drive electric rickshaws and to tow trailers on vehicles in the special categories F, G and M.